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3rd Quarter 2009
Herman Kahn once said:
Why did Obama kill Bush’s missile defense installations in eastern Europe?
Talking to Iran about talking to Iran
No more Nukes?
How to not talk to North Korea

2nd Quarter 2009
What a three months this past quarter has been!
Iran - The population was scheduled to vote for president on June 12
North Korea: April began much like March with Pyongyang shouting threats

1st Quarter 2009
Welcome to the quarterly version of the venerable ASDA Newsletter
Iran: The dance between the Obama  administration and Iran has begun
North Korea: Last year, North Korea agreed in principle to dismantle its nuclear weapons

November - December 2008
Change may be Coming  
North Korea is Waiting, Too
Iran Worries IAEA
Notes to Members

Sept - October 2008
Russia’s Neurosis: Missile Defense
What Now, Pyongyang?
Talking to Iran
My Time Has Come 

July - August 2008
No More Nuclear Diplomacy? 
Dues are due
Is the Cold War Back?
Troubles with Pyongyang
Satellites and Seriousness

May - June 2008
He Got That Right
What to Do about Iran?  
Is North Korea Still on Track?

March - April 2008

North Korea Still Won’t Come Clean
Iran: Yet More Talk
Why Did We Shoot Down A Satellite? 

January-Febraury 2008

Direct Hit!! 
North Korea Dawdles 
Iran Unmoved 
The Nuclear Security Project
Iran Starts to Arm
Meet the Post-Katrina FEMA

November - December 2007

Iran is no “slam dunk.”
Working With North Korea 
New York Philharmonic

September - October

The Amazing Secret Attack  
Iran Hit With Sanctions

July - August 2007

Pyongyang Really Is Disarming
Russia Scraps Arms Treaty
Missile Defense Budget Woes
What To Do About Iran
China Is a Worry
Cold War Not Over?
This Just In

May - June 2007

What to Do about Iran? 
Is North Korea Back on Track?
More on the New FEMA 
Civil Defense Reviving?
Putin Surprises Bush

March - April 2007 

Russia Objects to Missile Defense
Welcome to the New FEMA
Iran: Yet More Talk
Another Deadline Missed 

January - February 2007

North Korea Starts to Disarm 
Iran Starts to Arm
Meet the Post-Katrina FEMA 

November - December 2006

What Will Iran Do Next?
Talking With North Korea
Post-Katrina  FEMA

September-October 2006

The Mouse That Squeaked
Is Iran Next for Sanctions?
Global Threat Reduction

March- April 2006

A New Asian Strategy
To Bomb or Not To Bomb
And For the Defense
A Cry in the Night?
Whither FEMA?

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