1.       The annual dues of members of the Association shall be ten dollars ($10.00) and shall be payable during the month of September for the ASDA year, which is the period between 1 October and the following 30 September. The dues of a Life Member shall be a one-time payment of one hundred dollars ($100.00.)

2.       The  dues for a new member joining the Association between 1 October and 31 March shall be the full dues of ten dollars ($10.00); those joining April 1 and thereafter shall pay five dollars ($5.00) for the remainder of the ASDA year. 


1.         A member in good standing may resign by submitting a written resignation to the Executive Secretary of the Association. Subject to the approval of the Board of Governors, a resigned member may resume his membership upon payment of annual dues for the current year.

2.         If the dues owed the Association by any member remain unpaid after 31 March, he shall be notified that he is being removed from the membership roll unless such removal is waived by the Board of Governors.

3.         Any member whose conduct may have been prejudicial to the good of the Association may be dropped from the roll of membership and removed from any office by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Governors after the member has been notified of the charges against him and has been given an adequate opportunity to answer the charges.


1.            Pursuant to Article VI, Section 3 of the Constitution of the Association, the members of each Chapter shall elect from among themselves a Chapter President annually during the month of September to serve for the following ASDA year. Any Chapter Member who is willing to serve may be placed in nomination by any other member of the Chapter. Once elected, Chapter Presidents may serve successive terms without limit. Only if there is a change in Chapter Presidents is there a need to certify the results of the annual election to the Executive Secretary. Such certification will be made over the signatures of a majority of the members of the Chapter within 60 days of the election.

2.            The Chapter Presidents shall constitute the Board of Governors of the Association except in those Regions wherein there are four or more Chapters. In the latter case, the Executive Secretary will provide the affected Chapter Presidents with a ballot to elect a Regional Chairman and a Regional Secretary within 60 days of the creation of a new Chapter or a change in Chapter Presidents. The Chapter President receiving the highest number of votes shall be the Regional Chairman and the second highest shall be the Regional Secretary. In event of a tie, the Chapter Presidents receiving the two highest number of votes will decide by agreement or by lot.

3.            The Executive Secretary  shall tally the votes for Regional Officers and is empowered to place a closing date for receipt of ballots not less than 18 days after mailing of the ballots.

4.            Communications among the members of the Board of Governors shall be by e-mail to the extent feasible and the semi-annual meetings of the Board called for in the Constitution of the Association may be held by e-mail or by telephone conference call.


1           Each member of the Association who has paid his dues in full shall be entitled to receive the newsletter of the Association. The ASDA Newsletter shall be published bi-monthly in a format determined by the Executive Secretary or for him by the editor of the newsletter. The purpose of the Newsletter is to provide information to the membership pertinent to the purposes of the Association.

2           The Board of Governors shall be empowered to fix the terms under which members shall receive other publications of the Association and under which non-members may receive materials published by the Association.

3           Any member of the Association may submit material to the Executive Secretary for potential publication by the Association, as determined by the Board of Governors. The Executive Secretary shall be empowered to solicit published or publishable materials from members or nonmembers where publication or distribution of such material would appear to further the purposes of the Association.


1           The Association may affiliate with other organizations whose purposes are consistent with Article II of the Constitution of the Association upon unanimous agreement of the Board of Governors.

2           The Association may cooperate with other organizations in such ways as may be consistent with the purposes of the Association, as determined by the Executive Secretary subject to review by the Board of Governors.


1           The rules contained in Robertís Rules of Order shall govern parliamentary procedure of meetings of the Board of Governors and of such other meetings to which they may be applicable.


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