How to Join

Any citizen of the United States is eligible for membership in ASDA without respect to race, creed, color, sex or national origin. There are two classes of membership available: Chapter Members and Unaffiliated Members. There are no longer any annual dues but new applicants for membership are charged a fee of $25.

Persons who agree to engage in activities pertinent to the purposes of the Association and live in the DC area are eligible for Chapter membership. For election as a Chapter Member, one must complete a membership application and submit it to the Chapter President where an affirmative vote of the members of the Chapter is required. Alternatively, one can be a charter applicant of a new Chapter.

Persons who are unable to participate actively in a Chapter may become Unaffiliated Members by submitting a membership application to the Executive Secretary at P.O. Box 190, Mount Holly, VA 22524. Membership applications are available from the Executive Secretary at the above address or by e-mailing to

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